Halal Food in China

For many new-comers in China, one of the main problems encountered is food and for those of Muslim faith, one common question arises:

Is halal food available in China?

Answer is "Yes", Halal food is widely available in China. Almost every city/province in China you can find halal food, products or restaurants. And  usually most of the muslim restaurants/halal restaurants run by Chinese muslims. 


Another often-asked question is-

How to recognize and where to find Halal food/products/restaurants in China?

Halal is known as 清真 (Qīngzhèn) in China and recently, there are more and more places where Halal food/product can be bought. These particular places can be recognized by the words 清真 written in front of the shop or restaurant.


Halal food/product can also be bought in various ordinary supermarkets and are recognizable in a similar way, that is, by seeing the words 清真 on the packet.